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Trekking-camp-in-Ladakh-region-If trekking is your thing, or even if you have never done it before you should check out Kashmirtrek.com. Why? Well, life isn’t complete till you have seen a beautiful place like Kashmir, and you haven’t seen anything till you get off the beaten path and go trekking in Kashmir! Seriously, have you seen the photos on our website? Heaven on earth, I tell you! God must have said “this is my garden” when he created such a beautiful place. You’ll feel like your wandering around inside a beautiful picture. Lakes, mountains, mountain streams with crystal clear water, rolling green slopes are some things you will find everywhere; well that’s what trekking in Kashmir is all about.

Before you trek in Kashmir, why don’t you trek around the website? Get to know us better, really get a feeling of what it would be like to be in those pictures. Feel the cool crisp fresh mountain air, the sound of water, your campfire crackling, the smell of freshness in the air. Forget about your AC’s and fans, power cuts and the sound of traffic, and other things that add up to make life pretty miserable. The truth is; when you go trekking in Kashmir you will feel “alive”, and not simply exist. Have you ever felt truly alive? Time slows down, you become more aware of your surroundings, you hear things that you normally wouldn’t pay attention to it feels unreal and the experience will stay with you forever. Trekking nowhere else in the world can replicate trekking in Kashmir.

There are a number of services and facilities that we offer, so now it’s time for you to trek around our website, find things that you like and tell us, get to know us better and allow us to get to know you better. Who knows, in the future we might even share a good conversation while sipping tea sitting beside the most beautiful trail ever. Hey, before you go trekking around the site I wanted to tell you, “you got to feel it not just see it!” all the best.

Are you a Trekking paramour? Pack your trekking gears and get ready to go on particular treks in India. The Indian elevation ranges avowal some breathtaking directions for trekking and the Himalayas offer boundless possibilities for flawless trekking tours in India. Endeavor beyond the notorious paths and discover the uninjured nature