ADVENTURE : Kashmir Great Lakes Trek


ADVENTURE ITINERARY : Sonamarg, Shekdur, Nichnai, Vishansar Lake, Kishansar Lake, Gadsar Pass, Gadsar, Satsar, Gangabal, Naranag


DURATION : 8 days

Kashmir Trek

Trekking in Kashmir


DAY 1 Kashmir Great Lakes Trek : Overnight stay in a houseboat or Hotel. Houseboats are the state-of-art dwellings for tourists. These are wonderfully decorated and carved. Houseboat lodging is treasured by tourists here.

DAY 2  Kashmir Great Lakes Trek : Early start for Sonamarg, 3 hour drive from Srinagar which shall be our basecamp. The road to Sonamarg is labyrinthine, carved through mountains.There are fast running streams on one side of the road. From Sonamarg  kashmir lakes trekking the trek shall move to Nichnai via Shekdur. The trek starts 3km from Sonamarg. The trek route consists of a 3 hour climb after which there is an hour’s downhill road. N Ultimately there is a mild hike to Nichnai. Down the track Sindh River flows. 15 minutes trek takes you to an emerald pasture that offers you a panoramic view of Sonamarg town. All day you walk through plush green meadows with Maple and Pine trees. Meadows, Forests, Birch trees, mountains, brooks, streams and rivers will catch your eye. Shekdur is your first beautiful campground Bhoj trees all around that add a fine selection to your moments and photographs. From Shekhdur you move through a forest of Silver Birch; the sun rays sneaking their way between the thick vegetationcreates a nice display of light and dark. Moving ahead a river valley marks the beginning of Nichnai. It is surrounded by mountains. Walking ahead it opens up green patches without any rocks. A flat ground here will serve as our camp for overnight stay.

Kashmir Trekking

LAkes in KAshmir

DAY 3 Kashmir Great Lakes Trek  : After overnight stay in Nichnai, the trek shall begin early on the third day to Vishansar Lake that will be accessed via Vishansar pass.Medium climb to Nichnai pass 13,500ft. This route has short descend followed by an  lakes trekking in kashmir extended flat grassland walk closingnear Vishansar Lake. The trek is a long stroll on pastures with the viewgetting more and more pleasant. We cross the Nichnai pass or Vishansar Berry. The Nichnai pass seems to be a broad tunnel. On one side are a chain of snow dressed peaks and on other side the land elevates. Only on the 2nd day of actual trek, you are already at an altitude of 13,500 ft, an unusually fast climb. From here, the track begins to descend. Flowers at your feet welcome you ahead. Here you see a green meadow reachingmiles with mountains fencing the sides. A river flows below. On your left is a great waterfall splashing down the mountain cliff into the river. Stop here to enjoy the beauty of nature and be mesmerized. Trekking ahead, you reach Vishansar Lake. At first it appears big. The shade of the lake depends on the time of the day and the clouds in the sky.The reflections are brilliant when the lake is tranquil. The Kishansarmountain top reflects in the lake. The reflections are wonderful when the lake is still. The banks of a stream originating from it shall be your abode for the night. These lakes are famous for trout fish.

dsc_0292 DAY 4 Kashmir Great Lakes Trek : From Vishnasar, we shall trek through Kishansar Lake and Gadsar  pass and reach Gadsar. The route has an almost vertical 2 hour mounting up followed by a  verticalmounting down after whichis a mild stroll in the meadows. Within 45 minutes you will be in the Kishansar Lake which is nestled in Kishansar mounts. Across the stream the trail climbs up and is picture-perfect spot. Capture the wonderful location. Kishansar has a meadow on one side and a steep rising ridge line on the other. On top of the ridge is Gadsar pass, the highest point of the trek at a height of 13,800ft. Way ahead is Gadsar – one of the most pleasant and most immaculate of the lakes on this trek. Itlies at the footof snow covered cliffs. Blue flowers leapup one one side and snowblocksplunge into the lake from the mountain on the other side. Gadsar is the ideal sport for camping for the night.

DAY 5 Kashmir Great Lakes Trek : After overnight stay at Gadsar we move to Satsar Lake. There are many streams and mountains to be crossed. The trek continues via Maengandob.This itinerary has a slight descend followed by a long steep hike and after that a flatgrassland walk. The landscape en-route is magical. Brilliant mountains risein front. On the right is a small ridge. In the centerare a green patch and a stream. Satsar Lake is quite big and looks fascinating in its green backdrop with mountains in front. Locate a spot for camping here.

Trekking-camp-in-Ladakh-region-DAY 6 Kashmir Great Lakes Trek : From Satsar the adventure continues to Gangabal twin lakes. The trek progresses via NundkolLake. This route constitutes of a gentle climb followed by steady slopedown. Then there is a long vertical elevationand long vertical drop. After this is a steady up-down walk. The trekking route here is labyrinthine. The mountains on one side are bare and barren, in sharp contrast to the green fields on the other. There are many nameless lakes on the route, however two of the moost beautiful lakes welcome you-Nundkol and Gangabal Lake.

DAY 7  Kashmir Great Lakes Trek : Sightseeing in Gangabal and Harmukh glaciers.Gangabal Lake and Harmukh peak look majestic. You just can’t afford to lose the opportunity to capture Nature at its best! Spare a day for sightseeing here.

DAY 8 : On the last day we move from Gangabal to Naranag. The trek now is downhill, ranging from mild to steep.The Harmukh in the background looks impressive.Little yellow flowers are spread all over the meadow. The last day trek is really tough on the nerves. Naranag is located at 8,500ft. Passing the Narang, we finally come to the main road.






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