Ladakh Trek

  • Leh-Lamayuru-Wanla-Ursi-Tar La-Mangyur-Sapol-Leh (12 days)
  • Padam-Mone-Pupila-Thangse-Kargiyal-Zanskar-Sumdo-Manali (12 days)
  • Leh-Lamayuru-Wanla-Ursi-Tar La-Mangyur-Sapol-Leh (12 days)
  • Padam-Mone-Pupila-Thangse-Kargiyal-Zanskar-Sumdo-Manali (12 days)

Trek Ladakh takes in segments of the Karakoram Range mountain chain that extends southeastward for 230 miles (370 km) from the mouth of the Shyok stream within the Ladakh region to the Tibetan border. With a crest line of concerning twenty,000 feet (6,100 m), the vary parallels the northeast bank of the Indus. Tibet’s Yangtze Tang plain, the foremost remote section of chain of mountains, is extreme high country. Here, the valleys ar at concerning fourteen,000 feet. the realm includes Lake Morari (a abundant oasis), Stok Kangri (highest of Ladakh’s peaks), and India’s cold desert, named the Leh. Culturally and geographically near Tibet, Ladakh has few resources associated an extreme climate.

Despite the restrictions, the Buddhist Ladakhis, with their traditions and intimate data of native atmosphere, haven’t solely survived however prospered. The peregrine Changpa trust totally on sheep and yak swarming for subsistence as they vagabond the Ladakh vary. the realm has borne the forcefulness of centuries of invasions by the Mongols (from central Asia), the Baltis (from the west), the Dogras (from south) and even Tibetans (from the east), and therefore the faces replicate these mixed ethnic origins.

The main city of Ladakh, Leh, was for hundreds of years a trade centre for fine pashmina wool (once price its weight in gold). Yak and pony caravans brought in pashmina from Tibet; turquoise, coral and silver from Yarkand and Kashgar; spices, materials from Bharat, and silk from geographic region. There ar several Buddhist monasteries in and round the town. 2 English explorers, William Moorcroft and John Trebeck, visiting Leh in 1836, were shocked to envision a city of such wealth situated in interior of clearly arid desert land.

The Trek Ladakh choices vary from short, day-long walks up and down mountain slopes to go to monuments and monastic settlements or to relish the sheer great thing about the satellite landscape, to long, cross-mountain treks involving weeks of walking and inhabitation within the geographical region. as an example, the trek from Lamayuru within the IndusValley to Darcha in Lahoul, across Zanskar vale, takes nearly 3 weeks and crosses 2 major mountain ranges. Most of the established routes traverse the Zanskar vary, that separates the Indus vale from Zanskar. The 10 day Markha vale trek, the eleven day Lamayuru-Padum traverse and therefore the four to 5 day Stok-Khangri spherical trek ar the foremost widespread. In recent years, elements of the Ladakh vary that lie between the Indus and Shayok valleys have additionally become accessible for trekking.

The Trek Ladakh season unremarkably extends from early Gregorian calendar month to period, but short, localized treks inside the central Indus vale is undertaken even in might. different routes, on the hand, like the Hemis-Markha-Padum trek  appropriate just for the late season, as throughout the summer the tracks ar submerged within the flow of melt-water. Winter access to Zanskar is gained by trekking on the frozen surface of the Zanskar stream. known as the chadar Route, this tough and extremely stringent trek is one in all the foremost exciting and unforgettable journeys within the Trek Ladakh catalogue.


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